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Rekomendasi Pengembangan Sistem Informasi Terpadu Sinode GKJ
Budi Susanto, Restyandito Restyandito, Umi Proboyekti, Gloria Virginia

Last modified: 2018-11-05


The GKJ Synod has the desire to implement information and communication technologies including management information systems that can help them to communicate, manage data resources, and get an overview of congregational conditions through a centralized reporting system. Because of the enormous and complex needs for the application of information and communication technology, especially software, it is necessary to plan for the development and application of information and communication technology at the GKJ Synod. Based on these needs, a team was formed to develop a master plan for the development of an integrated information system of the GKJ Synod consisting of the UKDW Information Technology Faculty team and the team determined by the GKJ Synod (Badan Pelaksana Sinode GKJ). From January through Agustus 2018, team has produced two documents, namely the RIP SIMT Synod GKJ, and the SIMT Development Operational Plan for the 2019 period. Some of the general recommendations outlined in the development master plan are outlined in this article, in addition to the methodology for developing its recommendations. With this description, it is hoped that it can give an overview to other churches that have the same expectations as the GKJ Synod.

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