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FGD dalam Penyusunan Rencana Strategis Lembaga Gereja
Umi Proboyekti, Budi Susanto, Gloria Virginia

Last modified: 2018-11-15


The UKDW Information Technology Faculty provided assistance to the Semarang Archdiocese (KAS) and Javanese Christian Churches Synod (GKJ) in the preparation of an integrated management information system strategic plan. This assistance is an activity of community service. In preparing the strategic plan, the team did data gathering from different groups of KAS and GKJ Synod using Focus Group Discussion (FGD). FGD played an important role as a tool in helping the team eliciting information about business process, vision, activities, human resources, information technology, problems, and expectations of the groups to the organization and the role of information technology. As discussions took place in each group area, the team obtained information in various forms: explanation, answers, and documents in various kind of format. The team also faced challenges in getting information because of culture, absence of capacity, and incomplete resources. Nevertheless, FGD is considered as the most appropriate technique to collect data and information in this project. The team were able to elicit information in deeper level and broader range through the discussion. The team from KAS and GKJ were the key persons who were able to make the discussion went well and to make information complete to analyze.

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